Mobile App Development Hive

We LOVE start-ups and SME’s, and we show that love through developing astutely articulated end results that precisely reflect the “Line of Business Owner’s” ultimate vision.  We can pull an idea floating around in someone’s head into reality, or we can take an existing stack and make it buzz along perfectly like a Beehive, with sweet gold at it’s center!

Mobile App design and development

Mobile apps are a necessity for every business; that’s a strong statement, but the reality is, it could be an app for employees/management or an app for the customer, EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS MOBILITY.

We are experts in building mobile applications that stay true to your brand values while delivering the optimum USER EXPERIENCE via intimately understanding your different user/customer types and their journeys through experiencing your brand/business.

Mobile app development architecture

Our developers use a set of techniques and patterns to develop fully structured mobile applications based on your specific business needs and standards; taking into consideration device types used by the end-user, such as smartphones, PC’s and tablets.

We follow the standard architecture design comprising of multiple-layers within an application including:

– Presentation layer with UI and UI process components
– Business layer with business entities
– Workflows and business components
– Data layer made up of data access components; [data utilities and service agents together form this layer]

Our developers are experts in building mobile apps that have simpler UI’s and the right navigation methods (Gesture controls) ensuring a better customer (or User) experience.


If you have a business process that gives your business a competitive edge, you will want a single mobile app for that business process. We provide API integration and web application integration with back-end system integration that is built to last and built for scale.

We optimise back-end systems for mobile access providing a re-usable approach to back-end systems integration.

Mobile App Value

Mobile applications are a vital means of marketing for businesses. It expands your reach while delivering both massive and relevant exposure to the brand.

Don’t forget there is SEO value, not just brand reach value in having a presence in the mobile app store(s) for your business and/or brand.

Google’s goal is to give you the absolute best result when you conduct a search, so if it comes down to you or a competitor taking that number 1 search result, Google should show favoritism in ranking the business with mobile app store presence higher than the other.


Our work means business for our clients.