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We make things beautiful and we make them work great for your business.

Our Mission

The Beehive Software is an intuitive technology partner for your brand and digital presence which you will rely on, from impeccable on-time deliveries, stunning design aesthetics and backend code that works like a swiss watch. We hold no intention to be any client’s ”developer”, however, we hold all intention to be EVERY Beehive client’s ”technology partner” as we strive to ensure your business is as busy as a beehive, with sweet gold at its center! Just like Bees, we are individuals with individual autonomy and experience.

We simultaneously, positively and efficiently participate as a collective hive to make your business thrive. 

Our Hive

Valerie Dawson

CEO & Hive Manager

Interests: Valerie loves nature and yoga.

Verlin Sanciangco


Pricilla Dawson

Major Accounts Executive

Interests: Comedy, Music, Concerts, Art

Nick Papillon

Managing Partner & CTO
Interests: Nick loves camping and travel.

Mike Nelson


Pete Karian

Business Development Executive

Our Process






Enable you Succeed.

Projects Completed

+ Happy Clients

As a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), our bizzzy hive is 100% controlled and primarily managed by our Queen Bee, Valerie Dawson. We now have greater access to federal contracting opportunities provided by the Small Business Association (SBA), and have the opportunity to provide high-performing technology solutions for businesses in the Federal Public Sector.