Business Should Look Awesome… Painlessly

Business Should Look Awesome… Painlessly

The reason the article is titled as such, is due to the stark reality, that any designer and/or developer that actually listens to your goals, vision and requirements, should find (albeit perhaps not swiftly) accuracy in the deliverable. Often times I’ve seen, (from both sides of the table) where an eventual “concession” is made that the image/look/feel is “okay”; to us this is a sad tragedy for the brand and it’s users/customers.

The brand does exist, the brand has an actual mission, the brand does create a certain feeling that lends the user/customer to have such an experience, that they’ve transformed and transcended themselves or their wants and needs; so as customers why do we accept “okay” as a deliverable and as developers, why do we send “okay” as the deliverable?

It’s because the designer and/or developer never really plugged in to the client’s vision, therefore never comprehended enough to properly articulate the requirements through their efforts; time passes… more time passes… eventually reaching the state of desperation on the client side, and frustration and even disgust on the designer/developer side. Of course the fault is only on the designer, developer or client-project manager.

We can assure you, if the right questions are asked, and the right level of attunement is achieved by the project resources (ie. designer and/or developer) then the brand will look (designer) and feel (developer) as awesome as the brand actually is.

We’ve all heard the saying: “measure twice, cut once”… we’d rather tune in taking in for good measure, every detail the client’s requirement and vision reveal, so when we cut loose the deliverable, (the first time in most cases) it’s leaving the brand owner smiling, not wanting; we do not drag on and on, which is costing both client and designer/developer in several negative ways.

There is a truly wondrous outcome to tuning in to your client’s business’s “awesomeness”, which is you deliver “awesome”, this leads to a great brand/user/customer experience, this positively and unequivocally solidifies your design and development skills in the real world.