Meal Prep Craze

Meal Prep Craze

Here in the hive we’ve been noticing the meal prep craze. It’s a sign that we are so busy with earning a living and everything else going on around us that often times we forget to eat or don’t make the time for it!

It used to be that you eat a healthy breakfast, a nice lunch and dinner and sometimes you have snacks somewhere in between those meals. I’m just as guilty as anyone else out there with not eating because I’m too immersed with the task at hand and I’ll forget or don’t want to step away and lose momentum here in the hive. Question is why don’t we make time to nourish our body, which also nourishes our brains to continue to work, be productive and focused so that we can work efficiently?

Now, I see how the meal prep business has grown substantially. It’s convenient, and very affordable considering the time and money that you’d spend thinking about what to eat, shopping, preparing the meal or even going out to eat. Bringing your meals that have been pre-made and delivered to your doorstep is not only convenient, it’s smart, healthy, conscious living. It’s good for the person staying on a regular eating schedule, and actually for everyone around them. No “hangry” co-workers, less errors, and happier, productive individuals.

We’ve been working a lot with meal prep companies here in the hive and see that are adding a huge value to their business with automation for the backend to keep track of all the customers orders, subscriptions, diet restrictions, and health goals. There’s a lot of data and record keeping and it change weekly. Updating all of these records is very time consuming and exhausting and leaves a lot of room for human error.

With automation in place to take care of all the client data, there’s more time for a meal prep company to focus on other areas of their business, and maybe even find some time to just enjoy the extra time they have from the business running smoothly; go home and enjoy a sit down dinner with their family. We’re happy to be able to provide the solution that led to that precious, and valuable time spent with the most important people they love and work so hard for.