Why Having a Mobile App Will Grow Your Business

Why Having a Mobile App Will Grow Your Business

With the number one trend of 2019 being mobile app websites, it’s almost a no brainer to have a mobile app for your business.

In today’s world, we are always on the go, therefore always on our mobile phone to stay connected to the world. Whether we are checking our email, social media, google searching everything from the best place to eat, to finding answers to our questions about health; reviews on professional services; paying our bills, etc. we cannot live without our mobile phones it seems; as scary as that sounds it’s true for most of us. We rely on our phones to remind us of appointments, to wake us, to hear our favorite podcast, or read articles on current events and stay up to date on local and global news. Hence, your business being viewed on a mobile phone.

Building a mobile app for your business makes it easier for them to see you. Being published in the app store brings new customers. Your website SEO ranking is indexed at the highest and prioritized by Google when a search is made. You have more brand awareness and reach. Once you’re app is downloaded, your icon is posted onto their phone like a picture on a wall, like the billboards we drive by daily, we see them even when we don’t want to. Did you know the average person looks at their phone 1500 times a day? Imagine how many times they’ll see you based on those statistics. The beauty of a mobile app is you will reach your customers. Pop-up and push notifications get your messages in front of your customers. Sending out special promotions to customers that haven’t been seen a while or ordered from you in a while, reminding them of appointments, sending them birthday coupons, refer a friend perks will be put you at the top of their mind when they need your services. They’ll remember your brand, because how could they forget you if they see you everyday right?

Get in front of your audience, and do it better than before. Get your mobile app on their phone and watch your business grow!