How are others benefitting from your business? How are their lives somehow changed or enriched because of you? These are the questions that should be pondered if only for a minute. Why you ask? Well simply put, why would anyone do business with you over anyone else? The answer to that is the answer to the first two questions.

Most businesses will say, ” I give people a better experience when working with us.” From a consumer standpoint a smooth experience is expected. You’re in business; your expected to know your business well; your clients are expecting for you to run things smoothly. That’s not an added benefit; it’s expected. Most importantly, people want time. Time cannot be given back once it is taken.. Time is of most value. When you are in a space where someone has given you their time, give them the most value of their time. At the very least, they leave knowing something they didn’t know before they gave you their time. This doesn’t mean they get what they want or vise versa, it just means there is an understanding, and one could leave happier knowing they’re one step closer to what they were trying to achieve.  If someone comes to your website seeking answers, make sure they can get them. At the very least they can have a smile on their face and move along.

Let your website speak for you when you are not there to speak for yourself.