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about us.

The Beehive Software is the intended inheritance of the Children of all those who own and operate The Beehive Software.

The name, The Beehive Software, comes from the name we call our group of close friends: “Beehive Tribe”.  Being believers of the beauty of pollination as well as the golden, sweet, sticky goodness of honey, we build each website, web application and mobile application with all the elements of a successful hive; the front, back, seen and unseen aspects of the entire ecosystem functioning with precision.



Our focus.

Design, Develop, Deploy, Tweak, Re-iterate, Enjoy
Web Design

UI Design, Wire Framing, Graphic and Logo Design.

UX Design

User Experience, well as Gesture Design for Web and Mobile


Stock Image and Video; Traditional & Volumetric Video


Mobile Application & Blockchain DApp Development


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedbacks


Freebies Released


The Beehive Software in detail

We understand your requirements, then, custom build to your needs.

Super fast

Your websites and apps load in less than a second, leaving your customers with a 100% satisfying user experience.


Optimized for mobile

Your site adapts to any device and also ALWAYS delivers a great user experience. It’s also optimized for AMP, helping you remain on Google’s good side.


Minimalist design

The philosophy that is true in software development as much as anywhere, is that LESS IS MORE.

We focus on giving your users the perfect experience with the least amount of work from both development as well as usability standpoints.



The source code written by our team(s) always is structured in a way that Google understands and appreciates, thus helping your site rank. 


Pricing Table.

Providing quality designs and code, while remaining affordable to the startup.


Per Hour

  • Fixed Budget/Cost
  • Fixed Completion
  • Changes Discouraged
  • Lead Time to Start
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Guaranteed


Per Hour

  • Time + Materials
  • Unknown Completion
  • Dedicated Resources
  • NO Lead Time
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Guaranteed


Per Hour

  • Fixed + Floating Costs
  • Dynamic Delivery
  • Resources Mixed
  • Some Lead Time
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Guaranteed


What people are saying about The Beehive Software:

“The Beehive (as I call them) is amazing, somehow they saw inside my head and now I can hold in my hands what I described were my requirements! I’d recommend these busy bees to anyone, really they are an insanely under-exploited powerhouse of skill and creativity.  All this, and then add the phenomenal level of HUMAN customer service, we can say they have us at BidCoins.io sleeping easy at night.”

Thomas Gonzales - San Diego, CA

Co-Founder, BidCoins.io ($BID Coins on Stellar.org Blockchain)


Why Select Us?

Standards Upheld in Our Hive

Success starts with proper planning and sustains growth upon solid architecture; good infrastructure with a good business plan = smooth and easily manageable growth.


Technology founders tend to change their minds about as often as the weather changes in Oklahoma; with that in mind, we accommodate all requests for change/enhancement.


Deployment  and transfer of ownership of your source code/application is not where we part ways; your success is our partnership’s focus.


Your experience has “Kaizen” in our collective consciousness. From first discussion to project delivery, expect intelligence and documentation.


From project tracking/management tools like “PivotalTracker” to our very own “Hive Managers”, we deliver on time, every time.


From Healthcare to Retail, on an international scale we’ve established a network of trust and authority.

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Our Blog

We Don't Ever Rant, Love Flowers, Technology and Plants

Wandering, Not Necessarily Lost

Technology is much like life, it can be fun to explore, it can be the cause of all your frustration; technology can leave us confused as to which to choose, and also leave us feeling, well, undesired. Alas, technology also is like life, in that if you get a little guidance and/or a little help here and there, you're leaps and bounds ahead.

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